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Studio 3Q // Shai Zagury Visual Arts 

Branding / Visual Identities / Web Design / UX-UI / Video Pro 


Shai was born and raised in the western Galilee. Surrounded by nature he spent most of his childhood in and around the nature, big influence for life. Love of music was and is still another big part of my daily life. After finishing Visual Communication studies in Wizo, college of design art in Haifa I moved to Brooklyn, NY (2003) - There I shared Suite 3Q, in one of Brooklyn's Navy Yards buildings with my wife and a few more creative friends from around the world. 11 years later, back home with two kids and four guitars.

Working with creative professionals as needed on various projects.


Working with various big and small clients - Since 2003 till today.

Start Ups, Deep Technology companies, E-Commerce, Medical, Artists & more


Foremost, establishing a connection with the client and their desires and needs then determining the suitable artistic direction for both the client's character and the audience, all tailored to their preferences.

Full control over Mac, Pencils, Cutting boards & Selected Adobe apps. My expertise spans identity and branding, graphic and web design, print and digital media, video productions, and beyond. What else? Ask me :)


1998 - 2002 | Visual communications | Wizo college of design 

2018 | UX (User Experience) | Netcraft Academy 

2024 | Ai for designers | Wizo college of design/Haifa university


Brooklyn Navy Yards Studio 3Q, Design Center


Branding is about getting the feel of what the business is about


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